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Slice monitors Australia and New Zealand media - Do it yourself and cut straight to your news! DIY media monitoring
Monitoring the media is essential in both measuring the presence and activity you have in the public eye, as well as providing you with intelligence and direction on how to manage communications in the future.
Slice is a DIY product that provides a simple, low cost solution to monitor over 12,000 news sources in Australia and New Zealand including newspapers, magazines, journals, AM and FM radio, television, blogs and websites.
With Slice you can get started straight away. Simply subscribe to the package that is right for you, set up your search criteria and start tracking the media. It's quick and easy and with a help document and a guided tour you will be up and running in no time.

Slice monitors a wide range of sources across print, TV, radio and online. Our coverage includes national print publications, capital city dailies, suburban and regional press, a wide range of specialist magazines and journals, national metro news on TV right through to some regional radio and TV channels. You can chose what media outlets you monitor and pick up all the news that matters to you - no matter what level of media coverage you get.
Slice provides a DIY monitoring service without the overheads of account management. Slice has fixed price packages set up to suit your business needs and with no retainers or fixed term contracts to worry about you can be sure that you will receive professional media monitoring for a fraction of the price of a full service product.

There's a Slice package to suit everyone's needs.

Choose from one of our 'fat free' media monitoring packages. Package prices start from around $375 per month (ex gst) - no retainers, no long term contracts, no surprise invoices! It's the best value, professional media monitoring service you'll find for Australian businesses. Simple.

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