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The first step of the tour shows you how to complete the registration process. The demonstration takes less than two minutes – which is probably about the time it will take you to actually register. Prices are for demonstration purposes only.
We’ll show you how to log in, set up your search and select where & what you want to track. Voila, you have a tracking folder. Take your time with this part of the tour – it’s important to be as accurate as possible!
Once you start receiving news items you’ll need to know what to do with them – how to view them and how to order the broadcast products you want. You can pause the tour at any time if you need a more thorough look. Prices are for demonstration purposes only.
Learn how to change your details, how to upgrade (or downgrade) your Slice package, how to view or print your Slice invoices and how to personalise your Slice screen with your company logo. Prices are for demonstration purposes only.
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