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Media Tracking Packages

With four options to choose from there's a package to suit the needs, scale and budget of your business. Each package contains a certain number of tracking folders and news items.

  • You control setting up your tracking folders.
  • You can define a search string and the region and media type to be tracked by each folder.
  • Based on your monitoring criteria (the keywords and search strings you set up), we sort and filter information relevant to your business.
  • Your news items are delivered into your tracking folders to you online, in real time.

Whether you're an old hand at media monitoring or a complete novice, our easy to follow online tour will help you get the most from your Slice package.

For additional help setting up your search strings or any other questions you have about Slice please email, we will get back to you within 2 business days.

Media coverage
We track Australian and New Zealand press, TV, radio and internet. See a list over media that we cover in Australia and New Zealand

News items
News items are delivered with summaries and a downloadable pdf. Circulation and article size information is also included for press items while broadcast items include demographic details.

Media monitoring prices
Our media monitoring package prices are listed below. All prices are quoted in Australian dollars. GST is calculated at 10%.

Slice Taste Package$375

Test the water and have a taste of what Slice can do for you, with 5 Tracking Folders and up to 25 news clips over 90 days. Experiment and experience for only $375.00 (plus GST).

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Slice Small Package$525

Discover how media monitoring can help your business, with ten tracking folders and up to 55 news items within 90 days. Top level tracking for the entry level price of only $525.00 (plus GST).

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Slice Medium Package$965

Maybe you’re a bigger business with a greater need for media monitoring. A maximum of 25 tracking folders delivering up to 250 news items in a 90 day period will help you manage substantial media campaigns, for only $965.00 (plus GST).

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Slice Large Package$1710

The ultimate desktop media tracking package. Up to 55 tracking folders and 600 news items in 90 days offers total flexibility to manage your media issues. Complete control for just $1710.00 (plus GST).

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To ensure continuity of your tracking, Slice work on a credit card ‘standing order’ basis. This means as your package expires (either you receive your maximum number of news items OR 90 days pass - which ever comes first), we automatically charge your credit card and renew your package.  You don’t need to do anything to continue your monitoring. However you can cancel at anytime.

Broadcast Products

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As a subscriber you can order transcripts, audio or vision files for any news clips you've received. You simply order, pay and receive these online via your subscription.

All items are delivered digitally into your own personal library.

Payment for broadcast products is made via credit card at the time of ordering.

Broadcast Pricing
The standard prices for producing transcripts, audio and video files are listed below. Broadcast copyright charges are added to the cost of the news item and vary depending on the broadcaster. Regional items may incur an additional regional charge. All pricing is quoted in Australian dollars. GST is calculated at 10%.

Description Price per item (ex GST)

Price per item (inc GST)


Slice Video *up to 1 hour $115.00 $126.50
Slice Audio*up to 1 hour $65.00$71.50
Slice Transcript (per minute) $31$34.10
Slice Regional Charges n/an/a

The above rates are exclusive of applicable copyright licensing fees, typically 10% or less.

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